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Clinique Dentaire Kim-Anh Nguyen

In Ville-Emard since 2004, we are offering warm, courteous and personalized service to our patients.

Our family-oriented clinic provides outstanding care, while our versatility allows us to meet patients' many needs. These include general dentistry, orthodontic treatments and solutions to occlusion problems. We also use innovative techniques, such as Invisalign and allogenic grafts. We are pleased to serve you at the Clinique Dentaire Kim-Anh Nguyen, where your smile is our priority.

General Dentistry
Examinations/cleaning, cavities,
root canal, etc.
Family Dentistry
We love children and
they love us back.
Clinique Dentaire Kim-Anh Nguyen
2640 Rue Allard
Montréal (Ville-Émard), Québec
H4E 2L6

(514) 761-4501
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